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  • 03 Jun 13

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Association de Lutte Contre le SIDA

The other beneficiary of AIR/PORT is Association de Lutte Contre le SIDA (ALCS). In Morocco, HIV infections have not been growing exponentially as seen in the rest of the continent (3200 cases in 1986 and 22,300 cases as of 2008), this is very much due to the hard work of Association de Lutte Contre le Sida , the first of its kind in the Maghreb and Arab world. Since its creation in 1988 by Professor Hakima Himmich, ALCS works on early detection, outreach and targeted programs, particularly among at-risk groups.

We are very glad to lend our hand to ALCS, to highlight the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness and discrimination among young people.

At the end of the exhibition there will be an auction of donated artworks in benefit (100%) of Project 91 and ALCS.

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