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The Book has arrived!

The making of this book has been pretty intense for a lot of people, so when it arrived from the printers today, a collective sigh of relief could be heard from Antwer to … well, to everywhere. Well done, us!

I’m sitting at my office -the first real office I have in my almost 57 year old life, by the way- surrounded by flickering candle light. It’s getting dark and everything is quiet, as my team members have to left to go home. People who know me, also know that I’m almost glued to my computer, working day and night on various projects, of which ‘Designers against AIDS’ and ‘Beauty without irony’ are the largest by far.

I’ve been leafing through my first book a few times already today and every time my heart skips a beat or two, as it’s as if my life -or at least the last ten years of it- is flashing by in front of my eyes and it’s only now, when I see all those projects and talented people who supported them in one place, that I see how major the results are- and I believe that we’re still growing. I feel thankful and humbled by all that creativity and idealism that I’ve witnessed during that period and of which I hope to see a lot more in the years to come.

When you say that you want to change the world, make it a better and more beautiful place, people often shrug their shoulders and say: ‘What can one person do, It’s just a drop in the ocean!’ Maybe. But if you have a vision, if you follow in through and don’t give up when other people say it’ll never work, you’ll find others who will join you and together it WILL start to work at some point. That’s the power of being human, of idealism and wanting to do the right thing, of creativity- and in this case, also about the power of the internet, as it has widened my network immensely, both in figures and geographically.

In this case, it means that hundreds of artists and others from all over the world, are showing that world their vision and their hope that we can make it a more beautiful place, one way or the other.

I really hope that you want to join us -and that many people get to see this inspiring book. Proud day today 😉

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