Beauty without Irony

BWI wants to bring about a change in mentality, a return to pure beauty that touches people, instead of prefabricated and mass marketed fashion, music, art, photography, politics and even feelings. It’s also about values that are valid forever, not just one season or one hype long. Events BWI wants to put up include this website (as a forum where artists can see each others ‘creations, read, get inspired), books (the first one, called ‘Designers against AIDS- The First Decade!’ was published by Ludion in October 2010 and is still for sale) and exhibitions in cities all over the world- our first international expo was called¬† ‘Air/Port 2013’ and washeld in Essaouira, Morocco in July and August of that year, with it’s follow-up being held in Antwerp, Belgium in July and August of 2014. Our next city of choice is Los Angeles, where we plan a brand new concept.

We’re furthermore thinking of a BWI online magazine, where we can delve into the work of participating artists more deeply/specifically. There are so many ways to deal with beauty, optimism, inspiration… we would like very much for BWI to become a positive movement and creative platform, that is intelligent and in touch with true feelings, not about being cool or ironic -those are just protection mechanisms against the harsh world; understandable maybe, but they make many people feel very lonely and misunderstood. We feel that designers and other artists should also bring people joy, not just tell us how bad the world is. We know that already, we just have to read a newspaper, watch television or look outside our window to see that.

What we need now most of all, is hope and to see and to understand that beauty can also exist in difficult circumstances.

If you want to work with us, have any questions or feedback, please contact us at: info@beautywithoutirony.com